A Letter to Non-Union Teachers in Wisconsin


And where would child labor laws, workplace safety and many other safeguards be today if union members hadn’t fought for humane working conditions early in the  last century. If we don’t stick up for our rights, they will be taken away.

Young Teachers Collective

By: Hallie Schmeling

Dear Non-Union Teachers in Wisconsin,

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Hallie, a 27-year old, fifth year teacher in South Milwaukee, WI. I am certified to teach math, special education, and alternative education.  I currently teach in a unique program that is dedicated to meeting the social/emotional needs of students who have been disengaged in school in order to make progress with academic goals.  My classroom experience allows me to utilize and continue to develop my professional training for students with intensive needs.  Like many of you, I love the work that I do, but I am also very concerned about the world of education outside of my classroom.

I began teaching in 2010 which, coincidentally, is when sh*t hit the fan for public workers/educators in Wisconsin. Our governor (like so many other politicians in the United States) was able to pass Act 10, a law that…

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