Andrew Cuomo Names Panel to Study Common Core Implementation


Do we wonder why our schools are reported as “failing?” Here’s why. Not an educator in the room.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Leonie Haimson, leader of New York City’s Class Size Matters, reports that Governor Andrew Cuomo has named a panel to study the implementation of the Common Core standards in the state. The panel, she says, is stacked with supporters of Common Core.


She writes:


No early childhood experts, elementary or special ed teachers on commission, which is unfortunate because these are the people whose critiques have been most sharp.

Litow chair already wrote an oped in favor 

Russo is one of the few Superintendents in entire state on record in favor 

He was booed by parents & teachers at a Common Core forum  and says CC curriculum “one of best things I’ve seen in education in 31, 32 yrs”

Dan Weisberg head of TNTP has received $23M from Gates Foundation including $7M in last yr alone 

Gates has spent >$170M on the Common Core and will…

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