Two Teachers, Father and Son, Chastise Arne Duncan for His Constant Sniping at Public Education


I suggest Arne Duncan knows exactly what he is doing. I further suggest that he is paid very well to do it. That is, destroy public education and replace it with corporate machines that view our schools as profit centers and our children as data points.

Diane Ravitch's blog

The Weintraubs, Robert and David, call out Arne Duncan in this article in Education Week.

They sharply chastise him for his constant refrain that American schools are failing, stagnating, falling behind.

He is like an abusive basketball coach who kicks his players and shrieks at them: LOSERS! You are LOSERS! You should ALL be FIRED!

He lacks the leadership skills–or for that matter, the knowledge of teaching and learning–to inspire students, teachers, principals, administrators, and school board members.

He, who led one of the nation’s lowest-performing districts and left it as a low-performing district, has the temerity to complain that everyone else is a slacker.

Does he understand that he is undermining American education and those who work in the schools every day by his nattering negativism?

One day, he says we should show teachers “respect,” but every other day, he says that we must judge teachers by the test…

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