EduShyster: Teacher Evaluations in Massachusetts Make No Sense


Diane Ravitch's blog

Massachusetts released teacher ratings, and lo and behold, all the best teachers seem to be in the most affluent districts.

In Boston, the lowest ratings went to old and minority teachers. The highest ratings went to central office administrators.

EduShyster did not use the phrase “makes no sense,” which is the headline of this post.

Actually, the teacher evaluations do make sense. They are doing what they were designed to do. They are bogus. This is the regime imposed on the state by Jonah Edelman and Stand for Children. Firing old and minority teachers is the civil rights issue of our day? When wil there be accountability for the people who push these demoralizing ideas? Other countries support and develop teachers, helping them improve. We rand and rate and humiliate them to force out those whose kids don’t get high scores and to make room for young college graduates…

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