Edward F. Berger: Who Owns America? The People or the Oligarchs?


Diane Ravitch's blog

Edward F. Berger has published an excellent post about the hostile takeover of American democracy by a small number of people with a great deal of wealth.

Read it all. He begins:

“A majority of those who hold the power and wealth of our nation run their coercive top-down empires as personal wealth and power generators. They see themselves as decision makers who should shape the world (i.e., similar to the ‘rule of the few’ model used in China). They believe in their system of unquestioned force-based rule. They believe that that the American Constitutional system of governance, law, and elected representatives interferes with their perceived ‘right’ to rule.

“Their use of power and their control of resources, dictate government and economic policies. Their present approach is to take over any government (County, State, and Federal) that has goals other than their own. For example, turn public lands including national…

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